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Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your resource of answers to some commonly (and a few uncommonly) asked questions about Fleetwood Electronics Division products and services. The FAQs are laid out in the following order: Purchase FAQs, Audience Response Service FAQs, Keypad Rental FAQs, Technology FAQs, Customisation FAQs and Regulatory Compliance FAQs.

If you have any further questions then please email sales@teamtalk.co.uk

Purchase FAQs

Audience Response Service FAQs

Keypad Rental FAQs

Technology FAQs

Custom Product FAQs

Regulatory Compliance FAQs


Latest News

New ATIVA keypad now available. 

Creativity ToolBox - Edition 2

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What They Are?

Audience response systems are called by many names - interactive voting systems, audience voting keypads, audience survey systems, electronic voting systems and clickers amongst others. Audience response systems are voting keypad products designed to quickly and accurately gather individual answers to questions put to a group during meeting, training, decision making, or research situations. Read here to learn how Reply Audience Response systems work.

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