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Make sure it's a genuine Reply® Voting System

TeamTalk offers the complete range of Reply® branded interactive voting systems that incorporate the interactive meeting industry’s leading wireless (RF) technology for audience response.

Click on the links below to see videos of the Reply products. Contact us for further information.

Reply® Interactive Voting Systems from TeamTalk Consulting Ltd

With a number of different models, and different voting software packages, Reply® systems offer you choices that cannot be found in any other portable groupware product. All products work on the license free 2.4GHz band

Reply® Plus with SMS Texting - the interactive voting system with SMS Syle text capability that combines some of the more popular features found in the older Reply® IQ and Worldwide voting systems - the intermediate price product. The lightweight Plus interactive voting keypad is smaller and lighter than both the IQ and WW keypads. It has a 2-line easy to read backlit LCD display that shows information important to the participant, a total of 19 interactive keys. We now announce the Powercom RF2: The Powercom version of the Plus keypad with Self Paced Test feature. Read more...

Reply® Worldwide - a rugged interactive voting system that is the workhorse product for many interactive meeting service tasks worldwide - the low price product. There are ten numeric keys.... Read more...

Reply® ATIVA - a revolutionary advancement in true two-way electronic voting keypads. This "smart" choice for audience response, electronic voting, and market research industry professionals includes a large graphics LCD to display multiple lines of text as well as confirm multiple character user input, a chip card reader.... Read more...

Reply® Mini - a miniaturised (smaller, lighter cheaper) version of the popular Reply® Worldwide interactive voting system, a five button sub-credit card sized keypad. The Mini interactive voting system works with existing Worldwide voting systems, the Mini works with all. Read more...

Reply® Mini+ - the minaturised lighter version of the popular Reply Plus® keypad - high capability features at a low price. No screen but many of the features of the full Plus keypad incuding multi-digit entry, log-in capability and static and .... Read more... We also announce the Powercom RF1 keypad: Smilar to the Mini Plus but with more features and a lower price.

Reply® Solo - gives you the freedom to poll anywhere, anytime with Worldwide or Mini voting keypads. The Solo is a handheld facilitator's tool - a vote receiver - that is flexible enought to allow the user to ask either pre-set questions or ask impromptu questions at will. Each Solo can be.... Read more...

So which one do you choose?

TeamTalk Consulting is the major non-USA dealer for the Reply® interactive voting systems manufactured by Fleetwood. There are numerous software packages available for the Reply® voting systems and we sell most of the softwares. For information on audience response applications and the best interactive voting software packages available, click here.

For more information, please use our contact form. Or call us on +44(0) 1908 526264, or contact one of our international affiliates.

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New ATIVA keypad now available. 

Creativity ToolBox - Edition 2

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What They Are?

Audience response systems are called by many names - interactive voting systems, audience voting keypads, audience survey systems, electronic voting systems and clickers amongst others. Audience response systems are voting keypad products designed to quickly and accurately gather individual answers to questions put to a group during meeting, training, decision making, or research situations. Read here to learn how Reply Audience Response systems work.

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