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Multiple Voting Software Applications with Reply Audience Response Systems.

One of the major features of the Reply audience response systems is the quantity and variety of voting software packages for all the Reply voting keypad systems that can be used in many situations ranging from quiz shows to consulting tasks. One size does not fit all and the Reply family gives you choices that other keypad products don’t.

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PowerPoint Voting Software

PowerPoint based voting programmes are now becoming the standard everyday interactive voting software application.... Read more...

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Stand-Alone Voting Software

Stand alone voting softwares do not integrate with PowerPoint, and sometimes they are better voting applications and very good presentation packages in their own right..... Read more...

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Specialist Voting Software

These tend to be developed for specific tasks such as Risk Management workshops or problem solving meetings and the best example of this type of software is Ballot which has been designed for the Risk Management area. Read more...


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New ATIVA keypad now available. 

Creativity ToolBox - Edition 2

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What They Are?

Audience response systems are called by many names - interactive voting systems, audience voting keypads, audience survey systems, electronic voting systems and clickers amongst others. Audience response systems are voting keypad products designed to quickly and accurately gather individual answers to questions put to a group during meeting, training, decision making, or research situations. Read here to learn how Reply Audience Response systems work.

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