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Stand-Alone Voting Softwares for Reply Audience Response Systems.

Comtec produces the family of audience response software known as the Consensor. There are  3 distinct products for each of the Reply products and all the Consensor products are similar to each other, they do though have some features that are unique to the individual softwares. For full information download the pdf files below.

  • Synthesis - is an audience response software developed for the education and training market and allows points to be placed against correct answers to provide a rolling total of points gained in a test or quiz. Reports include graphical reports, individual reports and class reports.   
  • Unity - is an audience response software developed for the market research and decision support market, as well as having a sophisticated prioritisation capability to allow the sorting of a list of issues, Unity also has a X-Y chart report that allows issues to be voted on against different criteria. 
  • Elect - is an audience response software developed for parliamentary and council voting and choosing of elected oficers. 

ARS produces the wInquiry and ARSPRO softwares that are ideal for the professional service provider.

  • wInquiry - is a multi function multi featured audience response software that can use all the Reply voting keypads whether separately, or together at the same time. It is feature rich and it's unique feature is its twin screen capability where the operator sees one screen on their comouter and the audience sees only the question slides and the answer slides. The operator has full control of the presentation through the control panal that they see on their computer.
  • ARSPRO - is the next generation of the wInquiry programme that can drive a PowerPoint presentation, it is an excellent product that combines the flexibility of the Stand-Alone software with the quality of presentation of PowerPoint programes.

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What They Are?

Audience response systems are called by many names - interactive voting systems, audience voting keypads, audience survey systems, electronic voting systems and clickers amongst others. Audience response systems are voting keypad products designed to quickly and accurately gather individual answers to questions put to a group during meeting, training, decision making, or research situations. Read here to learn how Reply Audience Response systems work.

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